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Default Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)

Hi Everyone!

I thought I'd share my setup - it's been evolving since about 2000 to the current setup. I've always had a love for movies and beer & wine (I make both) so I've combined it all as a HT and bar setup!

The equipment:

Speakers: Paradigm Signature S8 / C5 / ADP / Servo [Review]
Projector: Zenith 1200 / Barco Cine 8 Onyx CRT projector [Review]
Preamp: Acurus ACT-3
Amps: Acurus A200x3, A100x2
Sources: Playstation 3, ExpressVu 9200 HD-PVR
Screen: 96x54" specially painted custom screen, 1.1 gain, wrapped in velvet
Acoustic tiles: Home made/custom
Seating: Jaymar Leather HT recliners (2 rows of 3)
Control: Pronto, Xantech IR distribution, IR controlled lighting

All custom work, building, installation, treatment, and calibration performed by myself.

My background:

I'm the webmaster and editor of the home theater website where I spend a lot of time writing up procedures, guides, and other home theater tips. Latest work is the 22,000 word GREYSCALE & COLOUR CALIBRATION FOR DUMMIES guide that walks anyone through the process of getting the absolute best picture out of any TV or projector.


(Continued in next post...)


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