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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I agree it needs to be seen more than once to fully appreciate it, now if you can explain to me the polaroid in the final scene that has the lead character with the tatto that says I killed him on it?????
I've read many interpretations of the film, but no one can answer that one!
The scene of him and his wife in bed, the triumphant tattoo on his breast, can't be a flashback. We've seen already that he doesn't have the tattoo, so he can't have had it in the past. How can he remember lying in bed with his living wife, with the tattoo "John G. raped and killed my wife" visible on his chest? It has to be a fantasy, which would make sense in the context. He thinks he has just avenged her (or has just set in motion a plan to avenge her). He's visualizing his own sense of satisfaction and peace.
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