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Default Re: XM and Sirius Finally Allowed to Merge by DOJ

Well, I'm not so sure I'm happy about the merger. In the first place, I've had XM since its inception, ~ Oct. '01, and Sirius since a few months after they started broadcasting. I now have 3 XM subscriptions and 2 Sirius. (I pay for 1 each for a couple of employees.) The point is I'm pretty familiar with the music channels on both and hear the subtle differences in their corresponding channels. The merger will certainly reduce the available variety.

Second, I had always been under the impression that XM would acquire Sirius. While I appreciate Sirius' sometimes edgier music programming, XM's classier announcers are more to my taste. I don't mean to sound like a prude, but I'm no fan of Howard Stern and the Howard wannabe on Outlaw Country, Mojo Nixon. Recently Nixon was broadcasting from SXSW in Austin. He must have used the F-word 6 times in one minute, all while describing the details of his malfunctioning GI tract. That kind of talk is fine for sitting around the frat house, or even on a road trip with buddies decades later, but has no place when used gratuitously on the radio - satellite or not. I had hoped XM management would be able to put a sock in Mojo's mouth. And, I have hated that a good portion of my $ 20/month goes towards paying Stern his half-billion $$. Now THAT's obscene.

It would be great if we got ala carte subscription choices and dual format sat. tuners out of this, but my bet is we'll see fewer choices for those of us who subscribe to both services.

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