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Last night I saw "Memento" on BD. Has anyone else seen this movie? If so, what did you think of it? I first saw it when first released 7 years ago on the big screen. At that time, I thought the backwards narrative was a clever gimmick, but wasn't otherwise too impressed. However, I must say that the second time thru I was completely fascinated by layers of meaning I had completely missed the first time. I guess during the first viewing, I was too busy mentally reconstructing the story line to pay much attention to deeper meanings.
This is one of the few movies that I enjoyed much more the second time. If you were unimpressed with the movie, I suggest you watch it again. You might be pleasantly surprised. I am now looking forward to watching it a third time, in order to listen to the commentary track.
For any who may be interested here is a link to a film critic's analysis:
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