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Default Re: Blu-ray disc sales soar!

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
It is amazing to think 1/3 of all sales have occurred within the last 11 weeks!!
I think this proves the theory that most people were waiting for the end of the war before jumping in.
The sales numbers should just keep on climbing from here.
Right, and it is just now starting to take off! BD sales growth will certainly continue to accelerate in the months ahead, just as the sale of BD players has also surged. The two major barriers have been the format war, and the fact that relatively few titles were released in the format.
Now that BD has won the war, more and more new titles will be released on BD. Unlike DVD, BD has the advantage of backwards software compatibility. (DVD players didn't play VHS software.) So, consumers have no reason not to buy BD players, particularly as player quality improves and prices drop. Another compelling reason for consumers to buy BD players is in order to play back their HD media (photos, video, etc.) archived on discs (either BD's or currently less expensive DVDR's).
Unlike others on this forum, I see no reason to be pessimistic about a relatively rapid BD format adoption. It wouldn't surprise me if in the realtively near future BD format completely displaced legacy DVD's for new releases.
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