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Default Re: Sony Ships New BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player

I have purchased the Sony BDP-S301 (same as S300 w/ HDMI cable & sold in warehouse stores). I replaced a $1000 Sony DVD/SACD player. Well...the picture is tremendous, even on regular dvd's, but I cannot get the optical audio out to work with my old Sony TAE-2000ESD pre-amp. It should be sending a mixed down 2-channel PCM audio stream to the pre-amp, but the pre-amp is totally mute, so something is not right. Is there something I need to be aware of to be sure the Blu-Ray player is sending the right type of audio PCM stream? Any help is appreciated as otherwise this player is a keeper. BTW, it takes about a minute to load a disc ready for playing. I know this is tons faster than the first generation BD players, but it still seems too long. Still, the picture is soooo good that I can live with the loading time.
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