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Default Will lying get Hillary to the White House???


Let me start this off by saying I don't like Hillary Clinton, and that is being REALLY NICE!

She is fake, animated and has been doing nothing but setting herself up for the first seat of this country since slick willie was in office, but she's really trying my patience.

Snipers? Come on, even Sinbad called you out on this one.

NAFTA? Against it? My butt! How many meetings do we have to go through the minutes of to prove this false?

Let's not even get started on White Water!!! The true classic! Proof that the old 'one lies and the other swears to it' CAN work in the ADULT world!

Lesbian affairs? Well, at least we'd all believe that one!

I can't believe the 'mispeaking' she's claiming, and even more terrifying is knowing the US population will likely vote her and Obama into office (I know they hate each other, but two people this close CAN AND WILL join forces in a cutesy pooh 'meeting of the minds' that will propel them both to fame and office.)

I for one don't really like McCain either, I still wish Rudi won, but I am sort of screwed either way, I just can't stand to see this Bitch lie to me time and time again and expect me, and everyone else not to see through it.
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