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Default Re: Favorite watch??


YES, and I subscribe to many of them!

I like HR Watches, but they don't often list the prices of the watches, their is also an HR lifestyle, which is less watches, more stuff, and IW (International Watch) is another good one.

HR Watches does really cool ultra high end stuff, IW sort of all over the place, Lifestyle is hit and miss and they just changed format so I'm not real sure what to say about them right now.

One thing that comes out this time of year (I just saw it @ Barnes and Noble) is the 2008 watchmakers guide, it lists all the major makers lines for the year, with prices. It's a thick book of a magazine, but worth owning if you really like watches, I usually buy it every year or two just for reference.

As for winders, many in the watch field will say a cheap winder is worse than no winder at all. I personally like the Orbita winders, and if I could afford them, would LOVE to own some of the Wolf ones. The more automatic watches you own the more important a winder is. I have five and it's really nice to know the most you'll have to do is correct the date (I do time @ daylight saving time for all the watches/clocks in the house). NOW when I buy my perpetual calendar I won't have to do anything to it (except pay for it!)
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