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Default Re: DTS-HD Master Audio

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Yes and sort of.

Yes: you do need to be using HDMI to hear DTS-HD MA and have a processor or player that decodes DTS-HD MA.

Sort of: some of us have the capability of decoding multi-channel PCM via HDMI. If you have this capability, you need a player that decodes DTS-HD MA internally, and sends it out via PCM.

On most players you can select to output MCPCM to get the HD audio. If you don't have a DTS-HD MA capable processor, it will default to 1.5 Mbps DTS which is still better than DTS audio on standard DVDs.
Ok, I think I got it. Since my Pioneer vsx-99 only does DD/AC3 I'm stuck.
Thanks for the help.
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