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Default Re: DTS-HD Master Audio

Originally Posted by Cypher View Post

I am still confused on what is happening with the audio signal here.

So, PS3 out via HDMI into the receiver and then out the receiver via HDMI into TV?

The receiver needs to have both the HDMI ports as well as the ability to understand DTS-HD-MA?

Ack, I didn't realize I was that far behind. Do most people really have receivers that can do this?
Yes and sort of.

Yes: you do need to be using HDMI to hear DTS-HD MA and have a processor or player that decodes DTS-HD MA.

Sort of: some of us have the capability of decoding multi-channel PCM via HDMI. If you have this capability, you need a player that decodes DTS-HD MA internally, and sends it out via PCM.

On most players you can select to output MCPCM to get the HD audio. If you don't have a DTS-HD MA capable processor, it will default to 1.5 Mbps DTS which is still better than DTS audio on standard DVDs.
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