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Default Re: Favorite watch??

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
HT Junky,

Not to burst your bubble, but James Bond wore a Rolex GMT, except in Casino Royale, were the watch wasn't made yet, it looks very similar to the Submariner, both great timepieces.
If you remember this kind of minutia maybe you're not spending enough time in the OR?

My favorite gas passing story;

While assisting on a carotid endarterectomy (wherein the main artery to the brain is clamped off, opened up, and reamed out) one time during my surgical training, I noticed the anesthesiologist was rummaging around a bit more than usual: opening drawers, drawing up drugs, checking monitors. Finally he casually looked over the ether screen and said to the surgeon, "Jack, you might want to stop what you're doing for a while and push on the man's chest
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