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Default Re: Where Will the Resolution Limit for HD Video Be?

It wasn't that long ago that 480p was hidef. You could only get hidef tv's with 1080i, and there was only 5 hd channels avaliable.
It was only within the last year that you could more hd channels. Networks are getting closer to broadcasting everything in hd (720p, 1080i). They are doing their best to get there. I just don't see where 1080p is a big deal yet.
1080p was never a thought in peoples minds until the bluray. What a good job Sony has done in promoting this.
I have demo hd and bluray side by side, hd 720 and br 1080p, and not seen any difference. Until networks change reolution it remain at 720. IMO 1080p falls short of the hype.
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