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Default Re: Denon DVD-3800BDCI

Ken, I understand and agree with your previous post. My real issue with Harmon revolves around the fact that, after acquiring Madrigal, they simply walked away from the malfunctioning & glitchy Proceed PMDT without offering any solution to those of us that bought that expensive dog. They did offer the AVP to Lexicon path, however, if not for a generous dealer who totally disagreed with what Harmon was providing, that alternative would have been much less palatable. Their version upgrades are not priced reasonably imo, and their HD upgrade is laughable. I realize manufacturers have to keep their lights on and can't give their products away, but Harmon isn't even trying. This is the opinion of a very respected long time Levinson dealer, not just mine. Dealing with Madrigal was a much more pleasant experience. Perhaps that's why they're no longer doing business under that banner.

Regardless, HDMI quickly made paper weights and door stops out of a lot of expensive pre/pros.

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