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Default DTS-HD Master Audio

Hello all, new to the forums. Hope someone is able to help me understand where my audio problem is and maybe how to solve.

I am having trouble with audio on some movies, specifically Night at the Museum on Blu-ray. No sound if I choose to route to receiver, but do get sound from ps3 HDMI to TV.

I am using the ps3 for the Blu-ray player, and have digital optical out going to a converter that changes to digital coax since my receiver (Pioneer Elite vsx-99) does not have optical in.

I have the ps3 setup with the optical out and have both DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1 checked in settings. Under ps3 BD/DVD settings I have bitstream selected for optical out.

The ps3 came new with firmware 2.0 and I've updated once since.

Other movies, both DVD and Blu-ray play fine and I get surround sound as normal.

I am able to change audio selection on the movie in question to the other language options and get sound.

So, does this just come down to the receiver not being able to handle the DTS-HD Master Audio which is the main audio selection on this movie?

Thanks for any advice.
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