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Default Re: Denon DVD-3800BDCI

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Since I have capabilities for both analog and HDMI, I will probably go ahead and hook-up the analog just to hear the difference between HDMI and analog for multi-channel sound.

Do you know if Lexicon has any ideas for updating your pre/pro w/ a HDMI card in the future?
I know in the past they used to be good about helping out owners w/ technology updates.

I have been thinking about getting the Integra 9.8, to replace my yamaha in the bedroom. It has a lot of similar capabilities of my Halcro SSP-200, and it costs much less.
Lexicon makes a MC-12 HD with HDMI, however, older models are not upgradable. IMO, this is simply another of the many stakes in the heart of long time Madrigal Group loyalists who were not smart enough to abandon ship when Harmon Specialty Group bought Madrigal and offered upgrades from Proceed to Lexicon. I refuse to pay the outrageous difference Harmon requires to upgrade to the HD model, especially after making multiple expensive upgrades since the original purchase. I have several other issues regarding what Harmon has done since acquiring Levinson and immediately eliminating the Proceed label I don't feel proper to divulge here. Nevertheless, my dissatisfaction with Harmon is now well established and I don't want to do further business with them. That does not preclude the fact the MC-12 is a very good pre/pro.

I will consider purchasing the new Classé pre/pro I am advised should be shipping later during Q2. Dave Nauber, who was involved in the development of the Levinson Model 30 has been instrumental in the development of this piece. It should be outstanding.

Until that time, I want some 1080p source material, and the Denon certainly appears to do both the video and the audio I am wanting in the way I can currently use it.
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