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Originally Posted by i30krab View Post
I used to do long distance cycling until July 1993 when a dump truck pulling a backhoe on a trailer passed me (I was on the right side where I belonged) and the jerk pulled in front of me and hit me with the trailer. I received a left rotator tear and a left knee medial meniscus tear. I managed to get $50,000.00 from his insurance and wound up with a net 35 thousand after lawyer and medical expenses. I never went back on a bicycle.

The funny thing was the idiotic insurance adjuster for the jerk who hit me. He calls and wants to know what I paid for the bike and from the little you guys on the forum know about me you shouldn't be surprised it was a custom bike I practically built myself.
So I told the insurance guy the bike was $2500.00 which it really was after I tallied up all my saved receipts. Then this butt head said that this is insurance fraud and you can get in trouble lying to us, no bicycle costs that kind of money I just bought my kid one for less than a hundred bucks. I laughed and told him I don't have time for his BS and I will mail him copies of my receipts and gave him the phone # of the 2 bike shops I patronized.

A week later they sent me a check for $2500.00 with no more crap.

What a world, the top 5% run the other 95%!
WOW! Sorry to hear that! I have been close to getting seriously hurt several times, always a car/trucks fault, but fortunately haven't gotten the 'hit' yet.

I know what you mean about bikes. My Seven retails out @ ~$6,000, while my wife's is ~$7,000, and her new Cervelo P3C is ~$5,000. To some of you this might seem extreme, but in my area, $15,000 bikes are not uncommon, and some go more than that.......
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