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Default Re: Favorite watch??

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Have you seen the Ulysse Nardin Quadrato, Sonata Cathedral, or the Maxi Marine?
Ahhhhh, Ulysse Nardin, in my mind one of the finest watch makers!

I have gone back and forth so many times over the GMT +/_ perpetual LE in platinum that I cannot begin to explain. I almost bought it @ CES in LV this year but swore I wouldn't buy a watch this year so passed despite really good offers from authorized dealers.

Not familiar with the Quadrato, but I do not personally like the Sonata as the chimes are pretty subdued and very quiet. I love the hands of that watch, and it is part of why I so LOVE the GMT+/- LE Perpetual, which uses the same hands only in a perpetual calendar, which is the next complication I want....

To date I have unfortunately passed on the pre-Malte Vacheron Constantin Perpetual (for over 50% off at an authorized dealer!!!!) and the GMT+/-.

I have eight watches to date, so I really don't NEED another, but I likely also don't need all the stereo gear I buy once the dust settles I will start working on the watch thing again.
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