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Default Re: Denon DVD-3800BDCI

Originally Posted by ChiefTK View Post
I would be very interested to get your opinion about the Denon after you receive it.

In addition to its viideo processing, I am interested in its ability to output the lossless codecs via analog connection whereby I can pass it through my Lexicon MC 12. I don't know of any other BluRay player that can do this for all codecs, including DTS-MA.

I suppose I should simply get a pre/pro with HDMI icapabilities.
Since I have capabilities for both analog and HDMI, I will probably go ahead and hook-up the analog just to hear the difference between HDMI and analog for multi-channel sound.

Do you know if Lexicon has any ideas for updating your pre/pro w/ a HDMI card in the future?
I know in the past they used to be good about helping out owners w/ technology updates.

I have been thinking about getting the Integra 9.8, to replace my yamaha in the bedroom. It has a lot of similar capabilities of my Halcro SSP-200, and it costs much less.
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