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Originally Posted by rolexdaytona View Post
Then on my way home a dumbass B*&tch had the nerve to slow her car down to the point were she was going as fast as me just to tell me and I quote " Get the F**K of the road AS*****E!" and sped off. I wasn't even in her way?! I was almost hugging the curb. What I like the most is when a jackass yells out " F**ing Fa**ot" when I'm riding, at a stop sign or at a light cause I have on my cycling tights. Then speeds off. If he(it's always been guys)had any balls he would say it when I was off my bike and stretching after a ride.
Well, good to see I suffer the same thing! Dude, you NEED to take a bike trip to Europe to really open your eyes. My wife and I try to do one a year, we did Tuscany, Italy south of Sienna with Backroads and it was one of the best trips of our lives! You are climbing STEEP grades on road bikes with grannie gears and can hear the cars flying up behind you, you start to cringe, but alas, the car slows to your speed until they can see ahead to SAFELY pass, then they give you a polite toot of the horn and WAVE as they pass!!!!! Just don't challenge the little old men riding practically antique road bikes, as they'll climb 18% grades with 42/21 gearing!!

In Florida we have many large groups of cyclists, and recently a guy ran his car through the entire group, while people were trying to pick up the pieces of bikes and people (two died) the guy stood up and said it served them right for riding on the road!!!!

I think most people are just so completely ignorant of cycling in this country they think you go out for a block or two, we go for from 20-70+ miles, you can't do that on sidewalks!!!
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