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I ride also. I wish I could get out more often though. Work takes up much of my time.I have a Cannondale R5000, Dura-Ace group set, Mavic SL wheels, FSA carbon handlebars and Look pedals. Every year I meet my cousin (he had a Seven also) in Lancaster PA and ride with him, his wife and friends of ours. I agree people in the states don't respect cyclist's rights to ride on the same road as them. I almost got put into a brand new car by an old lady. Then on my way home a dumbass B*&tch had the nerve to slow her car down to the point were she was going as fast as me just to tell me and I quote " Get the F**K of the road AS*****E!" and sped off. I wasn't even in her way?! I was almost hugging the curb. What I like the most is when a jackass yells out " F**ing Fa**ot" when I'm riding, at a stop sign or at a light cause I have on my cycling tights. Then speeds off. If he(it's always been guys)had any balls he would say it when I was off my bike and stretching after a ride.
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