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Default Re: Favorite watch??

I own a few Rolex's, great watches, you can beat the living **** out of them and they'll keep going. In fact, I have had one for 18 years and the other one I own my dad handed down to me and it is like 33 years old and works great. In all those years, I had a mainspring break on my steel datejust (at the time cost me $45 to repair it), I have shattered the sapphire crystal once or twice and thus also did the hands, the clasp on the band wore out on the steel one but not the 33 year old gold day/date if that makes any sense?

I actually was waiting for almost a year for a long strap for an IWC Spitfire Chrono but since it took so long I bought the Graham Chronofighter Oversize and LOVE that watch! The thing is so flippin' big, it draws attention (maybe this is like large.....)

Jerry likes the Pateks, and don't get me wrong, if I could afford the highly complicated ones I like I would buy them, they are exceptional watches, many would argue the best made, I'm not personally of that ilk as I think there are so many different makers it's really tough to name one 'best'.

You hit on one of my personal favorites with Brequet (you spelled it right!) They make a ladies watch I almost bought for the wife that is steel with diamonds and an exhibition back with this Dali-esque face that is so cool! I love the look of the hands they use as well. When I buy a dress watch, likely several years off but it will be either a Breguet or Blancpain.
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