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Default Re: Pioneer Looks Toward LCD as Kuro Project Leads to Losses

"I was speaking to one of the main Pioneer dealers in this city today. He said ...

1. The 9G series of plasmas will be built entirely by Pioneer. They should start appearing in the fall. The Panasonic announcement is for next year's models.
2. Panasonic will be producing plasmas using Pioneer's specifications ... specifications that Pioneer has the rights to.

So, basically nothing changes. Pioneer will still be selling the same high quality plasmas this year and beyond ... argueably the best in the industry.

I hope to be able to pick up a 60" KURO Elite model (what ever supercedes the 150FD) before Christmas ... which will be my first ever non-Sony TV"

I believe I read an interview with a senior Pioneer executive in Sound & Vision which basically says the same thing. Pioneer has no intention of leaving plasma, but they are adding LCD as they feel the technology is improving and may eventually be comparable to the plasma HDTV's in price and performance in the 50" to 70" range. They belive (and I concur, for it's worth), the Pioneer plasma's outperform any 50"-70" LCD's in both price and performance). To Pioneer this is where "true Home Theatre" exists at a minimum. They sate that above 70" it makes more sense to go projection.

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