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Default Re: Weak Dollar Helps American Audiophile Companies Sell Overseas

Excellent post - a good synopsis of what is wrong with our economy. However, no matter how enthusiastic I may be about the prospect of a new administration, I sure don't see any quick fixes for our exchange rate problems.

As for the audiophile industry adapting to market to X's & Y's, I think of an old interview Stereophile did with Les Paul, in which they dryly observed that this audio and musical pioneer was listening to music exclusively over an old Zenith table radio. He understood the power of music and that it is really quite independent of that last 0.3% of THD or of the bass tones below 45Hz. Maybe this is why X's & Y's seem to care only about how many 99 cent songs they can cram on their ipods and having some minimal audio system to dock it with.

The audiophile industry, almost by definition, limits itself to the miniscule fraction of the population that does not need to care that the price tag for any particular component is in the multi-kilobuck range. There are just not too many X's & Y's in that category. Many of those that are, may not see the value of a large complicated, exorbitantly expensive audio system limited to use in the home. Not to mention that undue enthusiasm for such a system would unerringly betray them as a geek. On the other hand, when an audiophile manufacturer stoops to market, even a multi-kilobuck, ipod dock, they do their reputation no good with their existing customer base. Good luck to them.

Perhaps to appreciate a better audio system, one needs to appreciate better music. In which case we may need more variety from the music industry and more musical education in the public schools.l I don't know.
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