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Cool Re: Sony BDP-S350 & BDP-S550

Originally Posted by TRT View Post
Can you say, "Media Server." I'm so sick of waiting for technology that is already here. By the time these players hit the market, there will be something better waiting in the wings. When a player hits the market with all of the CODEC's supported and is firmware upgradable, I'll pitch the PS3 into my kids room. Unless the build quality is superior, I'm not paying thousands for it either. Been there, done that. At least my Sony changers and Escient movie/music manager have stood the test of time (unlike my HD-DVD player[s]). And how 'bout a little help from our friends in Hollywood. I love reading reviews about how great a blu-ray picture looks and how spectacular the audio sounds on the disc when the fact of the matter is: It was a crappy movie! Or worse yet: A movie you've owned on DVD for a hundred years gets re-released on blu-ray for thirty bucks. Well blow me down! Can't wait to get to the store! Well I've had it. I'm looking at the future of media servers as a platform for the eventual time when I can download high def content for a fee right to a hard drive. Well, I have to run. I think I hear the mailman. He might have my sorry about the HD-DVD player fifty dollar check from best buy that I can use to buy some preparationH to use after I pull this Toshiba A30 and the HD-DVD add-on for the XBOX360 out of my A$$. I tried to give them away to a friend who replied in kind, " No thanks."
You give it to me and I'll pay for shipping...I'll take your A30 no problem.
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