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Question Deciding whether to go w/ Plasma or LCD?

This is my first post on this forum, so be gental :-).

I currently have a 50" Samsung DLP 1080i HDTV and I'm considering upgrading to an ~ 50" 1080p Plasma or LCD HDTV. The TV size is an issue for me, since the TV section of the entertainment center I built can only accommodate a TV with a width of 49" and a height of 36" Max. One reason I went with the Samsung is they placed the TV speaker on the bottom of set, rather than the sides, so it fit my TV opening nicely. I still want to fill the entertainment center opening with the TV I purchase, so I am looking for canidates between 46-49" wide.

I've heard that Plasma TV's have the best picture quality especially when buying the larger TV's (<50"), but they use much more energy and therefore also give off a lot more heat. That is why I'm also considering LCD HDTV's and I'm wondering how much picture quality differences there are between Plasma and LCD TV's in this size range.

Anyone have any recommendations for good quality 1080p HDTV that meets my requirements or have comments on whether I should go Plasma or LCD? Thanks.
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