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Default Re: Would you buy Home Theater gear on EBay?

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
I`m not a big e-bay person, where my wife and daughter are. I`ll probably play it safe and stay old school. Meaning, buy from a dealer or high end retailer you trust and have a relationship with. Get the best price you can, knowing you have the support, expertise, and warranty stuff all worked out w/o a problem.

Though I`m not blind to some of these great prices, not being sure if the equipment is under warranty, is a source of concern for me. And investing this kind of money that we do, piece of mind, at least for me, is very important.
Yea once I found out it would not be covered by JL under warranty it was a no go for me.
It was tempting to save over $1000 but what would it have cost me if something broke on it or if it had been damaged in shipping?

I have a good dealer & that makes a big difference, it's nice to know there is someone local to back me up!
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