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Default Re: Chime in on my debate with AIX Records

Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
I agree with Dr. AIX when he says that albums like DSOTM can't be Hi-Rez (because of the age and type of master used). This is the biggest thing keeping me from buying more DVD-A/SACD discs.
Sorry... but I still disagree with this "Hi-rez or nothing" approach to building a collection of music recordings.

To me, "Hi-Rez" should mean "the best sound quality possible for faithfully delivering the original masters", as opposed to, "the most advanced high-tech recordings only."

Yes, everything has improved since DSOTM was recorded... better mics, better mic pre-amps, advanced digital sampling, more accurate d-to-a's, etc.

However, many GREAT recordings like DSOTM, offer something that many state-of-the-art new recordings do not... great MUSIC.

Therefore, I will forever stand by my preference for the industry to support "the best of BOTH worlds":

* Re-master and re-release the older recordings, with the finest new technology.


* Create and promote new "original" recordings with the finest technology on the market.

Peace out.

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