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Default Re: Denon DVD-5910CI DVD-A/SACD Player

While I agree with you regarding Denon and combo players, even the best up-sampled DVD can't hold a candle to HD disc content. While I don't like a format war and so far I don't feel the contest between HD DVD and Blu-ray can be classified as a war (yet) both camps seem to be a little smarter this time around by offering their product at more reasonable prices. The latest batch of Toshiba players can be had for under $400 and provide a simply stellar picture, couple that with a Netflix membership and you've got the easiest way to enjoy budding formats in a long time. Unlike VHS vs. Beta or even SACD vs. DVD-A. If you consider the used markets that exist for both Blu-ray players and/or HD DVD players you can have both formats for less than the best up-sampling player be it from Denon or elsewhere. But to further agree with you, I do own a Denon 5910 universal player. However, I own multiple HD DVD and Blu-ray players too.

I guess you can chalk it up to the price of doing business in the ever changing world of technology.

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