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Default Re: Three Quarters Of U.S. Online Adults Listen To Audio On Home Computers

I have been an audiophile long before HT came into play. I have been experimenting with a PC as an audio hub for a while. I'm currently running 3 Apple Airport Extreme base stations (one on each floor) linked together to form one Wireless LAN. Apple makes this easy to do, and it gives me full 54 speed from anywhere in the house. I also purchased an Airport Express, connecting the digital out into my Benchmark DAC1. I was running Apple Lossless files that I created from CDs through iTunes.

The sound was not quite as good as when I used my Simaudio Moon Equinox as a transport, but it was fairly close. Still, in the audiophile world of having to sometimes pay a good some of money to get incremental changes in sound quality, it was not a step backwards that I was not willing to take. It was,however, more than adequate for casual listening. I also tried my Apple laptop's digital out straight into the DAC1 with the same results. I also did not like the CD through the laptop straight into the DAC1 as well either. My Apple laptop also has the mini optical digital jack.

There is something with the PC causing the difference, but it is tough (for me) to determine what the root of the difference is. I really want to make this work, as my large CD collection sure is taking up a good amount of space.
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