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Default Re: Plasma Display Coalition claims Plasma not dead.


The model at Tweeter is the Elite version of the Pioneer PDP-5080. They both have a High-Definition Resolution of 1365 x 768 pixels, opposed to the 1080p models that are
1920 x 1080p.

The Elite models have an extensive menu system that is best accessed by an ISF certified technician. They can dial in your set perfectly with the expensive instruments they have. You can look at the ISF website for local people that perform this service.

No doubt, these plasma's are better than other similar pixel sets and better than many 1080p plasma HDTV's. I admit I'm partial to the 1080p sets, but I'm sure if you are sitting at the appropriate distance from the set you won't be able to discern much difference. It is just that with HD 1080p discs the lesser pixel sets have to do far more de-interlacing and scaling.

I would go to a store and see both models and also look at the Panasonics. While stores are a very imperfect environment for watching television (as they are very bright and the televisions are normally dialed into their VIVID mode, along with the fact that they control the programming material that usually best shows off the sets), at least it is a starting point to see if you can discern a difference at a normal viewing distance.

6th Avenue is selling the Panny TH-58PZ700U 1080p 58" plasma at less than $3,050 delivered. Not to be crude, but an extra 8" of watchable real estate is quite substantial:-) The Pioneer PDP5010FD 50" 1080p can be bought delivered for $3,150.

Anyway, you might be very happy with the Elite from Tweeter, although you will be paying taxes on it. It might be worth the extra money at Tweeter if they throw in setting up the plasma for you--either on a bracket or on a A/V console stand.

By the way, how do you plan on mounting your plasma? Do you already have a console or do you plan on getting a bracket system?

Good luck.

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