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Default Re: Imagine if there was a pay-per view show for calibration

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
HDTVs should self-calibrate.

Apple monitors do it.

It might not be a full ISF treatment but how hard would it be to make a 7 step setup for consumers in a "wizard-like" format? Ask a few basic questions and set the HDTV that way.
For this to be feasible each HDTV would have to ship with a tri-stimulus colorimeter and have a built-in signal generator and some very sophisticated auto-calibration software. While this is certainly technically possible, it would raise the cost of these sets by, at the very least (even figuring in economies of scale), hundreds of dollars and almost certainly more than the cost of a professional calibration. Personally I wouldn't want to be working in the "service" department of a TV manufacturer who implemented such a scenario.
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