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Default Re: Upconverting encrypted DVD's

Originally Posted by faberryman View Post
"This just doesn't make any sense!"

Since DVDs don't have a flag to turn on, they treat copy-protected DVDs as-if the flag were turned on. It's stupid.
Thanks for the info/clarification. I, myself, have one of the early Samsung DLP displays (model HLN617W). Sadly, most consumers have no idea that their displays will become worthless once the BD flags are activated! Very sneaky of them to implement ICT while delaying activation of the flags, like that!
Also, FYI, there appear to be at least some players that won't upscale over HDMI. Here is a quote from a post on another forum:
"I really mean that CSS encrypted DVDs won't be upscaled over HDMI. Lot's of people are shocked by that, but it's true. It may depend on the player, but I have a Toshiba that definitely will NOT output upscaled content over HDMI from encrypted DVDs. The player tells me so on the TV that it will only send out 480p because the content is encrypted and my only connection to the TV from the player is HDMI."

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