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Default Re: Is Warner’s Hybrid “Total HD” Disc Dead?

I have a friend of mine that has a DVDO iScan VP50 and a high end Denon player with SD-SDI output. He has them connected with the SDI connection, which I understand is the cleanest digital path. This is far and away the best picture I have ever seen from standard DVD. He was sceptical there would be a difference as well.

We hooked up my Sony BDP-S300 ($500) straight to the other HDMI input on his projector. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean on the Denon/DVDO combo, then on the Sony Blue-ray player.

When you do this you can clearly see the difference. It isn't one those "switch it ten times to find the nuances" kind of differences. It is clearly a difference that only a better format can display. There are, however, Blu-ray releases that are not transfered to full potential. In some cases, where the DVD transfer of a movie was exceptional, but the Blu-ray was poor, the difference may not be as drastic.

When the BD transfer is done right, and you have a good 1080P projector, there is no comparison.

If you are that happy with the picture, then don't switch. You, however, don't know what you are missing..
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