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Default Re: New Modified DV-983H


The long anticipated Oppo DV-983H Universal Player is now here! This MSRP $399 unit
utilizes the optimum Anchor Bay VRS video processing circuitry for stellar upconverting
standard definition DVD playback performance. High Definition video formats (ie: HD-DVD &
Blu-Ray) are not supported. Our ingeniously engineered & professionally installed
modifications provide a level of reference level quality of sound and video that is just not
found anywhere in the standard definition DVD marketplace today. We can confidently
state that this is the best looking standard definition digital playback source we have
experienced to date!

How does it sound and compare for the 2ch audio enthusiast? Comparing the ASi Modified
DV-983H W/D-Clock to some pretty expensive stock digital sources on hand, we
immediately heard a greater sense of resolution, music sounded free flowing into the room
with great presence and control, we had a much larger, wider, deeper soundstage, with
exceptional crystal clear vividness in voices, with great separation of instruments and
refinement of brushes and cymbals and great dynamics. This player is truly a dream come
true for the standard definition DVD player and universal audio format enthusiast!

Note on New Modified Unit orders(3-19-2008): Oppo stock of the DV-983H is currently
sold out until the first week of April, due to the ultra high demand for this stellar player. The
line for new ASi modified DV-983H units has filled pretty well since posting of this ad, but
there is still room per our capacity for more orders! As soon as the units are disbatched
from oppo to us, we expect a ship date to you the week of April 14th, as we will be working
on these in a production style type of run, ensuring they all exhibit equal performance and
Oppo DV-983H Modification Descriptions & Prices
Modification Package Descriptions

Upgraded IEC Connector-
We add a high quality IEC connector that is cryo-treated to the rear of the chassis for use
with high performance aftermarket power cords.

Ultra Low impedance Rubycon capacitor replacements-
We replace an abundance of Switch Mode Power Supply and DSP/Analog board voltage
rail decoupling capacitors in all critical areas of the player to the ultra low impedance
Rubycon capacitors! We also replace the OEM main SMPS reservoir capacitor with a new
special low impedance version that allows for substantially more storage and filtering.
Very Nice improvement! A HUGE change in total sonic tonality and character and as well
as providing the video section with substantially less noise for cleaner output. The stock
capacitors are very poor in comparison of the factors of impedance and ripple current &
will not let you realize the full potential of this unit!

Ultra High Speed Diode Bridge-
We replace the stock noisy/glary/grainy rectifiers with very low impedance ultra fast
rectifiers. These are absolute superior to the stock diodes rectifiers, removing the glare,
grain and grit from the sound and video and allowing you to realize a much cleaner audio
and video performance! !

Qty: (3) DEXA UWB (Ultra Wide Bandwidth) Ultra Low Noise Voltage Regulators-
The UWB Regulator is a high end replacement to the OEM 7805 +5vdc, OEM 7812 +12vdc
and OEM 7912 -12vdc voltage regulators used to regulate DC voltage in the Oppo.
Unfortunately the OEM 7805/7812/7912 regulators have very poor noise performance.
Especially if there are external noise sources around the OEM regulators, like ripple or
load fluctuations. In comparison to all the OEM regulators, the UWB's have more than 100
times better ripple rejection, 10 times lower noise, and no line and load regulation error.
The result is a drastic improvement across the entire spectrum and more dynamic range.

2ch Analog Output Stage Rebuild-
We delete the OEM Analog Output stage after the DAC Chip (all capacitors, analog
filtering, opamps, etc) in favor for our optimized version using the very best sounding
opamp on the market feeding the new 2ch analog output jacks, bypassing allot of stock
circuitry. We replace the OEM capacitors with Ultra low impedance Rubycons. We feel that
this minimalist approach will most likely be of higher resolution than if you compared it to a
outboard DAC. (The factors of connectors, coupling caps, digital cables, impedance, input
receivers, filters, stock electronics, etc.. come into play in the outboard DAC)

High Performance RCA Connectors for 2ch out-
We add a set of very high quality Vampire RCA jacks for the 2ch output section to vastly
improve the signal integrity over the stock jacks!! These are wired via Silver Wire from the
optimized 2ch output section

HDMI Video Output Board Modifications-
Replace an abundance of OEM capacitors used for critical voltage decoupling in the areas
around the ABT Scaler/Deinterlacer chipsets to the Ultra Low Impedance Rubycon
capacitors for a substantial improvement in video performance.

E-A-R Specialty Composites Vibration Isolation Feet-
E-A-R Specialty Composites is a leading manufacturer in the high performance vibration
isolation and damping material industry. We add a trio of their vibration isolation feet in
specific areas on the underside of the Oppo unit. There is essentially no OEM feet and this
gives the unit a much more stable stance as well as controlling vibrations at certain critical
points to enhance the performance of the unit in a whole.
Modification Package $595 Installed/Shipped
Send your DV-983H in for mods, 7-10 day turnaround
Modification Package w/D-Clock $895 Installed/Shipped
Send your DV-983H in for mods, 7-10 day turnaround
Request More Information about our Oppo mods and any special request!
Use this form to contact us to get more information regarding our mods and any special
requests or price quotes. You can also use this form to order by sending us a message to
get in touch with you. We take all forms of payments.


Douglas Jesse
11845 Highland Drive
Warren, Michigan 48089
World Wide

Shipping is $65
anywhere outside
of North America.
Please email or
use form below if
your outside
North America to
New Modified DV-983H $995 Shipped
1 Year warranty
turnaround varies on current stock

New Modified DV-983H w/D-Clock $1295 Shipped
1 Year warranty, turnaround varies on current stock

DEXA D-Clock Reference Clock Upgrade-
The OEM Oppo master clock is a basic pierce oscillator which feeds directly into the ASIC
(DSP) chip . Phase noise and power supply injected noise here is high affecting all audio
and video formats with "jitter". The DEXA clock has an extremely low phase noise oscillator
(around 1.5 picoseconds Jitter RMS) and dramatically improves all areas of CD, SACD and
DVD playback. The ultra-low jitter and noise performance of the D-Clock immediately
releases impressive sound quality from the Oppo DV-983H & shifts the players tonality to
remove hardness & harshness; the overall frequency range is more natural and unforced.
Lower frequencies on CD/SACD/DVD playback have greater impact, weight and control.
Greater dimension is added to music and movies, vocals and instruments having improved
spatial qualities with a more solid, palpable feel. The DEXA clock has a very unique function
of isolating the clock signal ground to the power supply ground, so there is no ground loop,
and also there is no Mains Noise injection for the cleanest clock signal possible.

The DEXA D-Clock now eliminates the need for a dedicated (and costly) external
dedicated power supply due to its inherent mains/ground isolation topologies.
Highly Recommended by all means for the best audio and video performance!
Oppo DV-983H Scores Perfect 100 at Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity DVD Benchmark Review!!!
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