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Default Re: Las Vegas aids and hepatitis scare

I heard of this a while ago........

Actually it scares the hell out of me. I know how I practice, and I would not and do not expose my patients to this risk, but I fear one day, and with the way health care is going, the people doing the job will be less and less well trained as time goes on, may do this to me one day!

I am an anesthesiologist, so DO work every day with IV meds.

I personally would/will/never use a syringe or needle for more than any one patient. I never would draw fluids from an IV connected to a patient.

I did find it interesting that they were able to detect DNA from the patient all the way up the IV tubing, something that has always been assumed in sterile technique, I just didn't know it was proven until this came out.

This is a huge tragedy and a totally PREVENTABLE thing to happen to these patients, and I feel horrible for them, their families and friends. I can only wish them the best possible outcomes given their new situations and also hope anyone (there are old stall-warts out there that I have heard of that do these types of things) will learn from this and prevent any further people from suffering these things.

I truly am saddened as a physician to hear of these things happening in modern times.
Ken Taraszka, MD
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