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Default Re: What is the longest run for HDMI?

I have recently changed projectors from a component to a component/HDMI projector. My new projector takes has 2 HDMI inputs, so while I was going through the pain of running wires, I decided to run 2 HDMI cables.

My component video cables are from Blue Jeans Cable (Blue Jeans Cable--Quality Cables at Reasonable Prices). I read nothing but outstanding comments about their component video cables.

I decided to give their HDMI cables a try, based on the success I had with their component video cables. I needed two 35' runs of HDMI. I also purchased the most expensive one meter Monster Cable from Best Buy. I connected both my Blueray and HD DVD player to the 35' BJC cables and looked at the picture. I then connected both players using the 1 meter Monster Cable. I noticed no difference in the picture. One 35' run of BJC HDMI is $69. I was getting quotes of $700-$1200 for a single run from other places.

I have purchased their unbalanced audio cables as well. While their audio cables are very solid performers, they are not quite high end audiophile grade. The video cables have worked flawlessly for me, as well as saving a ton of money.

I did not try any other HDMI cables, so I cannot comment beyond my experience. I just know is that I have a pristine picture at a fraction of the cost of other cables. They have a "no questions" return policy, so their is no risk in giving them a try.
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