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Default Re: Plasma Display Coalition claims Plasma not dead.

"Now, if I were to get a 60" Pioneer or the 58" Panasonic, what Kind of life expectancy could I expect to get with these newer units--figuring 4-5hrs a day viewing? Do plasmas have problems with burnt pixels, etc.? Thanks"

You will want a new HDTV before either plasma set gives out. They have a minimum life of 60,000 hours, so if you watched 6 hours a day x 365 days that would = 2,190 hours. As you can see, you will want something new way before the plasma gives out. And there is no reason to buy an extra warranty on plasmas. If there is a problem it will show itself in the first day or month. They don't have internal moving parts like DLP's, which have a much higher failure rate. As Pioneer and Panny are the two best and most reliable brands of plasma it is unlikely you will have a problem with either.

Like an LCD monitor, it can be possible to have one or two pixels that are out. In the unlikely event that takes place, when you are sitting at watching distance you will never see it. My Pioneer doesn't have any pixels that are out, at least as far as I can tell.

The Panny is a good set, just doesn't quite have the incredibly deep blacks andsubtle shadows that the Pioneer can produce. But it remains an excellent set and if you want to save money there is no 1080p set that can beat it at its size and price. If you want top drawer, yiou just have to suck it up and pay more:-) But I am sure you will be more than satisfied with the Panny.

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