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Default Best Buy gives away $50 to HD DVD owners

Apparently, Best Buy will be sending people that they can determine as having purchased a HD DVD player from them, a $50 gift card. Check out this link for the full story:

I'm not sure I get it though. Seems like a waste of money on their part. I wish I could get someone to pay me every time I make a wrong decision. Nothing against HD DVD owners, but the fact remains that HD DVD lost, and Blu Ray won. I was so hoping Blu Ray would lose, but I was determined not to purchase a High Def player until there was a clear winner. Why, because I didn't want to make the wrong decision. Unfortunately, people that purchased a HD DVD player, made the wrong decision. But now, they are being paid for it. Does anyone else see something wrong here? I guess I can't speak against this too harshly simply because it IS Best Buy's money to do with it as they wish. So if they want to give it away, they have every right to do so.
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