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Default Re: Plasma Display Coalition claims Plasma not dead.

"Don't LCD televisions have more detailed pictures.And what about the burn in pictures.Any progress on those problems."

I have yet to see any HDTV as good as the Pioneer Kuro plasma sets. Most quality plasma HDTV's have an orbital pixel rotation to prevent burn-in. On most plasma's as long as you watch HDTV material or complete stretched screen material for the first 100 hours the pixels will be broken in and will almost never burn in, unless you keep a game playing signal on pause for a very long time. And even then a good plasma will have a screen whiting out mode to refresh the screen. Actually, LCD's can suffer from locked crystals from a game or pc being played in the same place for extended time. But over time the crystals will unlock and the LCD will gradually return to normal.

I have had 2 plasma sets and never had any burn-in--even when using it as a PC Monitor.

Between 50" to 70" plasma's still outperform and are generally less expensive than LCD's. At 60" and above they are much less expensive than LCD's. They are also in general far superior to LCD's in off-center viewing. Very few LCD's look good at more than 25 degrees off-center. Plasma's are like CRT's and are unaffected by off-center viewing.

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