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Default Re: $1,000,000 Violin Destroyed by "Beckham" of classical music?

I was flying every week out of NY. One week a lady came really late onto the plane. She had a violin and the overheads were all full. The stewardess told her she would have to check it and she told the stewardess "this viollin is worth more than this plane". The stewardess said "yeah, but you can't ride it to where we are going". This set off a massive cat fight. She was tossed off of the plane by security. Could you image one of those going through the baggage handers?

On the flying subject....

The best guy I've ever sat next to on a plane was the guy who was in charge of sound effects for the movie "The Sixth Sense". He explained the whole sound process, and how they come in at the end and create effects to punctuate the mood of the various scenes. The 2 1/2 hour flight seemed about 5 minutes long. He told me that Bruce Willis sat with him throughout the whole process. He mentioned that he is actually an extremely intelligent guy.

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