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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

Originally Posted by xsavoie View Post
Will this Blue Ray player by OPPO also play all regular DVD'S and upscale them like their regular DVD players.Will they also include the Universal playing capability of all regions as well as have the PAL to NTSC processor converter,or whatever it is called.I wonder if they will ever issue a DVD recorder as well.
Oppo is a direct marketer that is notoriously closed mouthed about its products and marketing strategies until the product is actually released. They'll announce a new product and then shut up until it's time to go. Usually, when they come out with a new product, the capabilities of the product and low pricing blow away similar products in the market place and major manufacturers struggle to catch up.

To my knowledge, no one knows what exactly Oppo is going to do with their Blu-ray. Almost certainly, it will play legacy standard definition DVDs and will almost certainly upgrade them. I think it very unlikely that the player will have a PAL converter or be region free, but you never know. Other details, like the ability to decode new sound codecs like DTS Master, etc. are unknown as far as I know. I doubt Oppo will ever build a DVD recorder, but that's just my opinion-they are too smart to do that.

Judging from the Oppo player I already have, Oppo places a premium on quality HDMI connections, and the ability to stream all sound codecs via digital bitstream. I would guess their new player will be fully HDMI 1.3 compliant also.

I for one prefer the Panasonic strategy of being first on the market with a blu-ray which can bitstream all new hi-def and uncompressed sound codecs on Blu-ray, but which does not have internal decoders onboard, thus holding down the cost to under $500. My new Onkyo decodes perfectly, and the Oppo decodes and plays all the rest of the DVDs and CDs, and coupled with the Panasonic blu-ray, allows me to play and decode every kind of disk out there now with only a single HDMI running fromeach of the two players to the receiver, and only one HDMI running from the receiver to the video display. Sound and video are absolutely as good as my old eyes and ears can want-if it never got any better, I'd be happy. The lucky folks who actually read current magazines, reviews and discussion forums like this can benefit from Oppo-other big box shoppers just go astray and pay way more for inferior components which do less.

You can bet that any product Oppo comes out with will perform superbly and cost less. I often tell my friends that Oppo's superb quality and performance in their components also extends to their customer service, technical advice, product support, and even their packaging, of all things. Your new Oppo player comes in a double boxed package, wrapped in a drawstring cover like an expensive woman's handbag or B&W speaker, etc. It's all good.

I might have waited for the Oppo Blu-ray, but Panasonic allowed me to have all right now.
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