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Default Re: Pioneer Looks Toward LCD as Kuro Project Leads to Losses

A sad announcement, but it would seem not a dagger to the heart of good Pioneer plasmas being offered in the future. It was 20 years since I bought my last TV (Sony 32" XBR squared) and finally bit the bullet, buying the 60" Kuro (150 FD). Stunning is not the word for it. I've seen 2 gazillioin (perhaps an exaggeration) televisions of every possible kind in friends' homes over the years and just have never been impressed by anything other than the very best projectors. this flat panel blows me away - in every conceivable way. It's only been running for 3 weeks, and so not even calibrated yet, nor have we bought a Blu-ray player yet to experience movies in 1080i at their native frame rate.

As for loosing one's excuse to run out and buy a 50" Kuro for the bedroom (or any room for that matter), no offense to the far fairer sex, but who's wife is reading this column? I'm still heading back to the store for mine, given the idea posted several pages back!

PS - Is there any better picture being transmitted out there than the one on the Tennis Channel in HD. WOW!

PPS - I've never owned a Pioneer product of any sort before, but they sure the heck impressed me with this Kuro line. I hope they stick with the edge on quality
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