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Default Re: Considering moving from the MX500 to a Harmony One

I recently replaced my Marantz RC2000 learning remote with the Harmony 890. I have 2 issues with the Harmony.

1. PLEASE! Let me rearrange the order of the DEVICES.

2. When I downloaded the codes for each of my devices I only got about 1/10th of the commands available on the native remote controls. I'm left to program the 90% of commands which were not downloaded.

If all of the possible codes for every device would have downloaded to my computer:

a. I wouldn't have to train the remote because it would already have all the commands it needs.

b. I wouldn't have to connect to the internet every time I need to do even the most minor of changes.

Its a PITA to have to hook up to the internet and go through 20 minutes of crap just to rearrange a few commands. The RF module AND the remote are separately updated. So, I make a small change, wait 20 minutes to update my devices via internet, test the change, tweak the change, wait 20 minutes to update.... ad nauseam

On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give the 890 a 6
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