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Originally Posted by PRO-630HD View Post
So are they actual Pioneer plasmas or tweaked Sharp or Panasonic models?
'gstarr' has the facts pretty much in hand. This year's 9G will be the last manufactured entirely in-house.

Like the rest of the flat-panel brands, Pioneer purchased glass of specific tensile strength and optical properties from glass sheet manufacturers (Asahi was a major player, but they just recently got out of making glass for flat-panel display companies; Corning is another glass-producing brand for FPD), and then---using patented processes in-house---etched into the glass the Deep Encased Cell Structure, coated those cells with red, green and blue phosphors, laid down the transparent electrodes for power and addressing, etc. etc.

As FPDs keep getting bigger and bigger, the major problem has become how to get those gigantic sheets of glass from the factory 'cross country or overseas to brands like Matsu****a or Samsung or Hitachi or Sharp without breaking them (multiple displays are cut from single sheets of glass, in case you didn't know). Some brands are footing the bills to have glass companies build their factories across the street or right next door to new and future FPD lines.

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