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Default Re: Pioneer Looks Toward LCD as Kuro Project Leads to Losses

Pioneer will give Matsu****a (panasonic) or another plasma company the know-how and specs for the plasma glass they need. They won't be giving away their internal chipsets and engineering and their knowledge garnered through years of manufacturing the "guts" of the plasma set. It is likely Pioneer will still differentiate itself from other plasma manufacturers.

I presume the same thing will happen with the LCD panels they buy from Sharp. They will use their own internal processing and engineering to differentiate the product.

Since it is likely that Panasonic will be the plasma glass supplier, the will likely be a large beneficiary of Pioneers superior glass panel technology. But there is a lot more to Kuro than just glass plasma panels.

I just bought a Pioneer PDP-6010 and am floored by the great picture. I'm sure Vizio is fine for the masses that won't pay a premium for a "premium" HDTV. No doubt, many more people eat fast food (a la Mickey D's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, etc.) than eat from a more finely prepared restaurant.

I belong to Costco and Vizio makes a fine plasma at a bargain price--but it isn't remotely close to a Pioneer plasma in performance--the blacks are grayer, the shadows are muddier, and the picture isn't as sharp and the contrast isn't close to the Pioneer. But most people buy what their budgets can afford. I certainly have no problem with that.

As far as HD and Blu Ray are concerned--I refuse to live in the past. I have an HD player and will buy a Blu Ray format 2.0 player when a good one is released. I expect the Panasonic 50 series will be excellent when it drops and I would expect the next generation Pioneer's will be much better too.

I've wasted far more than $200 on beer and other "rentables", so I'm sure not gonna feel poorly over my HD purchase and I will gladly look forward to my Blu Ray purchase. It doesn't pay for me to "roll" any other way.

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