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Default Re: Would you buy Home Theater gear on EBay?

I buy computer parts on eBay on occasion, and have not been burned there. There are however risks to buying equipment on it, since some manufacturers have stated policies that prohibit internet sales by unauthorized distributors, including sales on eBay, so they will not honor the warranty of their items if they are purchased there. I would recommend visiting the equipment maker's website and verifying that the seller is an authorized distributor, and that the seller is authorized, before making that bid. If everything is on the level, then bid away!!!!!

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I've bought a few things on eBay but never anything over $100.

While searching around I see a brand new piece of gear I've been wanting at $1000 less than retail price.
I've emailed the guy asking if he is an authorized dealer so there will be a full warranty & I'm seriously thinking about buying it if he is.

I'm kind of leary to spend almost $2000 from some guy online that's in another state but it's such a great deal!

What do you all think about spending large amounts of $$$$ on eBay?

Oh, & no I won't say what it is until after I decide if I'm going to buy it so Kenny won't out bid me!!
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