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Default Re: Would you buy Home Theater gear on EBay?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I've bought a few things on eBay but never anything over $100.

While searching around I see a brand new piece of gear I've been wanting at $1000 less than retail price.
I've emailed the guy asking if he is an authorized dealer so there will be a full warranty & I'm seriously thinking about buying it if he is.

I'm kind of leary to spend almost $2000 from some guy online that's in another state but it's such a great deal!

What do you all think about spending large amounts of $$$$ on eBay?

Oh, & no I won't say what it is until after I decide if I'm going to buy it so Kenny won't out bid me!!
I bought my Panasonic PT- AE700U from Ebay and never regretted it! It has served me very well. I also bought my replacement tweeters for my Snell E-II's on Ebay - these tweeters are very rare and difficult to find (the closest thing to it is a tweeter made for Audio Note). I've bought computer parts and HT gear from Ebay and sold it also. I've sold Klipsch Heresy's on Ebay, Rare JBL's (still a vintage man), my old Fosgate 3A years ago, a Nak Tape deck (the model under the Dragon). I was surprised at how much I got for the stuff!!!! I made over 10 times (not percent) the amount I paid for the Klipsch speakers. I love ebay and you are wise not to tell anyone what it is - especially if they might out bid you ! I also love and!
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