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Thumbs down The End of Human Enginering in C.E.

As a representative for a manufacture in the HD business, I work sometimes
at BestBuy and I have noticed with anger that the Geeks who designed the BlueRay and HD players have no clue about Human Engineering.
The Sharp BR $399 cannot be operated with out the remote so if U miss place it, batteries are dead etc it becomes a $400 door stop. No controls
on the outside. The $800 Sony took 15 minutes to release a HDDVD that was put in by mistake and it also will not play without the remote and the limited controls on the front panel are about a size 1 font, not color coded and no
button for what everyone wants: "play"...I could go on and on the hidden on/off button on all Sony HD televisons, projection and LCD but you wonder who the hell approved this before they started mass producing this stuff.Demonstrating this stuff is a bitch because of
the thoughlessness in which they are designed.
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