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Smile Re: help with new theater.

Originally Posted by peak3504 View Post
I don't have a set budget for this. And I don't know alot about a/v, just what i've read on the internet. But I think I would be just as happy spending 10k on a system as I would 100k. I just don't know if the quality would justify the difference for me. The state I live in isn't a hotbed of technology, and I'm a little worried about having something installed that will be out of date in 6months.
You raise a lot of good questions and provoke many thoughts. One thing about "Home Theater receivers", is at this point right now, they are very current as far as connectivity, ease of use, and flexibility. However, if sound quality is first on your list, I would go separates. And there are companies like Anthem, that make great equipment, for the money.

I would find a dealer, let him know what you shared with us, listen and watch. Let him compare a separates system vs. a receiver based system. Then, you will have something to reference. In both equipment, and pricing. Then you will know whether the difference in sound quality and pricing, is worth it. Bring your own cds and dvds, and enjoy the experience.
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