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Default Re: DTS-HD MA & 1.5 Mbps DTS

I have not seen the videos, so I cannot comment on the picture quality of them. What I have noticed in past content is that the hardest tests of HD format though is motion of items that contain surface details. The compressors seem to blur the details of the surfaces in an unnatural way.

Originally Posted by oscar_in_fw View Post
If they did a separate video encode for Blu-ray, the video should be at least marginally better IF they max'ed out the available bandwidth. Or the placebo effect is in play....

I watched a Blu-ray DTS HD MA demo at RMAF and the installer tried to "imply" I was listening to DTS HD MA rather than the 1.5 mbs core. Then I started to ask him hard questions about the Sony player because at the time, NONE of the Blu-ray players could decode/bitstream DTS HD MA. Nevertheless, the Peter Gabrielle DTS demo sounded pretty good. Was Peter on the Halcro-provided demo disks ?
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